… precisely the place where you sit down with a smile! :) We look after your teeth from A to Z, faster than you can say „A” for „Arca Med”. From young to old, from big to small, we take care of you all: children and adults.

Full services offered by our Clinic with precise attention and the latest precision equipment:
general examination and evaluation;
case study;
dental prophylaxis (ultrasonic scaling, air-flow, professional teeth cleaning and polishing, dental education);
dental aesthetics (composite/porcelain veneers, tooth bleaching);
tooth restoration (fillings, inlays);
endodontics (nerve removal);
under microscope treatment (nerve removal, root canal, fillings, veneers);
dental prosthetics (fixed dental prostheses/removable dentures, composite/porcelain/zirconia crowns);
dental radiology;
pediatric dentistry (dental sealants, fluoride treatment for children).

✓ Professionalism at profitable prices!
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